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The Mepreneur Club

Welcome to The Mepreneur Club

A social learning community to help SMEs & solopreneurs use tech to become the boss of their dreams

Are you in need of advice, or looking for information on how to achieve your business ambitions as an SME or Solopreneur?

Would you like to know how to protect your (business) ideas and digital innovations, even in collaboration with others?

Join The Mepreneur Club today to become the boss of your dreams!

What is it?

Mepreneurs are those who aim to elevate their credibility, widen their circle of influence, and monetize their knowledge by shaping public perception and positioning themselves as experts in their fields.

With the growing number of high-achieving employees, side hustlers, and entrepreneurs, working for yourself has surpassed scarcity and become the norm.

The Mepreneur Club is a social learning community dedicated to assisting and supporting SMEs and solopreneurs in leveraging technology to create a strong personal brand, build passive income, and have a better work-life balance.

OUR MISSION: We aim to help more individuals create a better work-life balance and attain wealth by growing their influence and monetizing their expertise.

If you would like to leverage an untapped support system, exclusive resources, premium content, valuable tools, and insights from knowledgeable experts at your fingertips, you should join The Mepreneur Club today!

Is this club right for you?

You're not alone!

With the huge shift to digital business and communication, several SMEs and solopreneurs get stuck struggling to pivot and make use of the various form of technology to build their brands. Many are left feeling unsure of what to do and feeling overwhelmed by all the things.

Whether you’ve been in business for a while or just starting, you’ll find that growing with like-minded individuals alongside you will get you further than you ever thought you’d go.

You don't need to start from scratch when building your brand!

This community offers you a wealth of resources to help you develop a strong brand that can bring you long term fulfillment. I share tons of valuable resources and information in the Mepreneur Memo blog and the FREE Resource Library in The Mepreneur Club.

FINALLY… you've found your tribe!
The Mepreneur Club is OPEN NOW!

I'm interested.
Give me the deets!

You got it.

  • INSTANT UNLIMITED ACCESS. You’ll get access to all the content that’s inside the club now and everything that's to come later! Depending on your membership level, access to other areas within the club may be available to you.
  • EXCLUSIVE, INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS & COURSES delivered in action-oriented, easy-to-implement formats designed to help you build business strategies and systems that help you succeed. 
  • A PRIVATE, INCLUSIVE, AND SUPPORTIVE NETWORK that's full of like-minded individuals just like you to connect and collaborate with who want to see you succeed and want your help succeeding. 
  • DIRECT ACCESS TO A BRANDING COACH for feedback, questions, and support.
  • THIS IS NOT A FACEBOOK GROUP, and there are NO algorithms. Your posts will get seen and responded to... in detail. You can choose what you want to see, search for what you want, or you can browse everything, all sorted by chronological, most popular, or last interacted with posts. You control what you see.

By now, you might be thinking, "....okay, but who are you, and why should I listen to you?"

Meet your host and curator...

Hi, my name is Desiree' Slaughter, but people usually call me Desi for short! Think of me as your Branding Tech Guide

I'm a pixel-pushing, content-creating, Personal Branding Nerd from Detroit, MI, with a background in design and an obsession for technology. I wake up every day with a passion to help you thrive in business and life. 

I know firsthand how frustrating it can be to make changes on your own without knowing where to begin. This is why I wanted to create a place where you could share challenges, help each other, and provide a sounding board for all the crazy shit we think we deal with all by ourselves!

As the curator of The Mepreneur Club, I've made it my mission to help SMEs and solopreneurs at all stages of the branding game get equipped with the strategy, infrastructure, and knowledge needed to leverage their knowledge to position themselves for serious growth.

I would love to see you inside the club!
Email me if you have ANY questions about the Club.


** Not So Fine Print **

By joining The Mepreneur Club, you give ISEDcreate LLC, Desiree' Slaughter, and our distributors permission to use your comments, name, and profile photo for marketing purposes, anytime and anywhere. You also agree to the ISEDcreate LLC Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and opt-ing into the Mepreneur Memo e-Mail newsletter.

Content in this community may contain affiliate links. I (Desiree' Slaughter) may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases made when you click on the links at no additional cost to you. Want more info? Questions? You can read the full disclaimer here.

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